These months of quarantine have made us rethink and change routines, habits, and spaces. Our homes have become schools and offices at the same time, which has brought new challenges to our daily lives.

At AST we want you to connect with the best way of life and that is why we bring you some tips that will make working at home an experience you will not regret and that you may want to continue even after the pandemic.


As we all know, lighting is a vital factor for our performance and for the health of our eyes, which makes this a very important factor to consider.

Find a place where you can take advantage of natural light, avoiding as much as possible the use of artificial lights since these cause visual exhaustion.

But remember that the position in which the light enters must be adequate, it must not enter directly to your face because the brightness will not allow you to focus your eyes on the PC; nor behind you so that you do not make shade on it. It is advisable that the light enters from the side where you are seated working.


You will be in your office for long periods of time, you will need concentration, comfort, quietness, and silence so you must choose your location taking these multiple factors into account.

We recommend you to locate your Home Office away from a circulation area such as hallways or loud areas such as the dining room or living room. The ideal is to have a space that you can dedicate just for work.

Also, avoid placing your office in a bedroom, it is better to separate these two spaces so that your bedroom remains a place to rest exclusively.


If you don’t have much space and you can’t reserve a room completely dedicated to the office, don’t worry, you can make use of the visual delimitation.

With the visual delimitation you will help to maintain the order of your home, and to create spaces of immersion for study and work, maintaining the harmony between every space no matter the size of your house.

You can use carpets, folding panels, plants, or other decorative elements. Another idea is to paint the wall where you have placed your desk, play with the color palette using fresh tones that not only combine with the design of your home but also create a space free of visual strain and stress.


Another important factor when organizing your space is your desk. In the market, you can find a lot of variety, in size, shape, color, etc. But the most important thing when choosing one is multi-functionality.

The multi-functionality of your desk will play an important role in the order of your workspace and will help you keep everything in order since everything you need and use will have its place.

Get a multifunctional desk that has space to file and store your papers and work folders as well as other items you need to have on hand at your desk. Another option is to use shelves, drawers, or organizing boxes according to your home decoration.


The health of your spine and the correct functioning of your body are not negotiable, they are perhaps the most vital factors to consider when choosing your desk and chair.

Besides looking for a multifunctional desk, it is important to look at the design of it, its ergonomics and adaptation to our spine, the size in relation to our height so that we can maintain a good posture, that is, a chair that will support your spine well and in which the legs and back form a right angle.

Choose a chair and desk for their comfort and not just for their appearance, remember that the most important thing is your health, and at times like these taking care of yourself is the best option.